February 2014

Nokia Maps and Navteq Navigation Systems added to the PositionTech Network

Position Technologies has a long history of working with Nokia to develop and test products related to maps, navigation and creating enhanced business listings for brands. We're excited to let our agency partners and brands know we have added Nokia Maps and the Navteq navigation system to the allLocal Network for distributing business listings.

Why are we excited? Nokia Maps and Navteq represent an extensive audience that is often difficult to reach. Their users are consumers, who are actively searching for a product or service locally. Their intent to visit and potentially make a purchase is very high.

  • Nokia maps data is the driving force behind automotive, Internet, wireless, government, enterprise and fleet applications. They provide the foundation for web and mobile products throughout the expanding digital navigation and map industry.
  • 7 out of 10 in-car experiences in the US and Canada are powered by Nokia Navigation. Nokia Maps and the Navteq Navigation system is used by all the major car manufactures and their sub-brands: General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen and others. The automobile is expected to be the next frontier where battles will be fought for owning the consumer experience.
  • Users make millions of mobile and online searches for business location information on a daily basis. The top categories are: Casual Dining, Service Companies, Restaurants, Gas stations, Hotel/Motel and Retails locations.
  • Nokia licenses their maps to a number of third parties such as: Microsoft, Garmin, Amazon and many others. There aren't many companies like Nokia who can provide a true maps solution and their licensing business will only grow in the future.

Nokia Maps and the Navteq Navigation System are at the forefront of digital maps and services. They will continue expand their user base and brands who own hundreds, if not thousands of locations, should actively manage their business listings to reach this valuable audience.