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Search Engine Marketing

Position Tech is a search engine marketing (SEM) company dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of products and services to accommodate the search marketing needs of any business. Our depth of services and wealth of experience delivers maximum results.

Our integrative services are strongly grounded in innovative technology, and address the unique challenges every website faces when optimizing for the unique algorithms of different search engines. Whether your company is looking to supplement existing search efforts, or you're entirely new to search engine marketing, we will work with you to customize a successful strategy. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with SMB's as well as Enterprise clients.

Position Tech :: The Art and Science of Search Engine Marketing

At Position Tech we use a combination of skilled SEO experts, innovative technology and proprietary search data to deliver world-class results. Using a multifaceted approach that includes content conceptualization, on-page optimization, ppc management, link building, social media and intensive data analysis we are able to deliver superior results.

Featured Service: AdGen

Position Tech's newest technology, makes it easy to build and maintain optimized PPC campaigns incorporating thousands of products where manual creation would be costly and near impossible.

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New: SEO Tools - Page Analyzer

Search Engines rank sites based on many factors but primarily a combination of links and quality content. Use this tool to see how the Search Engines may view your content.

More SEO tools coming soon...

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